Desktop Repairs

Pricelist – PC Desktop Repairs

We can repair your slow and temperamental PC computers. We can help with all your PC problems such as;

  • Windows Operating System not starting
  • Virus and Spyware on your PC
  • Worried about your banking and other financial details being safe on your PC
  • Internet and EMail problems
  • Intermittent freezing
  • Blue screens (BSOD or blue screen of death)
  • Noisy fans
  • PC Overheating
  • Dots on the screen

For multiple repairs on a single item, each repair over $50 will receive $10 discount.

Data BackupFrom $40
Data Backup + Virus ScanningFrom $60
Virus and Malicious Software Removal (Conditions apply)From $120
Driver InstallationFrom $30
Hardware Installation (Hardware not included)From $30
Software Installation (Software not included)From $30
Optimize Windows Service (Hardware Testing, System Optimize)$60
New System Initialization + Updates + OptimizationFrom $80
Data Recovery ServiceFrom $120
Password Reset (Win XP, Vista, 7) / (Win 8, 10) (Conditions apply)$30 / $60
Dust Cleaning + Hardware Testing Service (Overheating Issues)$60
Hardware Testing ServiceFrom $40
Basic Minimum Service$30
Data Recovery Minimum Charge$60

Prices and availability subject to change without notice. Call for latest pricing.